About us

At Ultrahaus, we believe in entrepreneurship as a driving force behind social and economic growth. It creates jobs, boosts innovation, generates wealth, grows communities, and ultimately increases economic growth. Starting a company takes hard work, persistence and a willingness to hustle. Entrepreneurs need to be resourceful and find ways to get things done with limited resources.

That’s a challenging task, but our ambition is to help entrepreneurs and investors thrive during the early stages of their journey. We partner with experts in their industry vertical to create technology-based B2B products. 

Who We Are

Our company’s simple organizational structure fosters connections between our people, clients, investors, and partners. Our specialists understand the day-to-day struggles of startups in product development, go-to-market strategy, customer success, marketing, sales, human resources, legal, and finance.

Our Purpose, Mission, and Values

We’re a values-driven organization that strives for  symbiotic relationships with all the people directly or indirectly involved in our projects.

Our purpose is to collaborate with businesses and people to create a new way for them to innovate, provide value, and generate and distribute wealth. 

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs create and grow companies with reduced risk while delivering consistent investor returns with reduced risk while delivering consistent investor returns.

Our Values:

  • Integrity and transparency with people, clients, vendors and partners
  • Equitable, responsible and just negotiations
  • Continuous learning
  • Progress over perfection
  • Social and environmental sustainability as primary outcomes of innovation

Companies we co-created with


Since our formation in 2003, Ultrahaus has operated as an independent and private firm, initially serving as innovation partners for a diverse portfolio of clients from SMBs to Fortune 500 corporations. In 2012, we started venturing into tech-based products, primarily focused on the product development process but also involved in the day-to-day operation for the first phases of each project. This experience gave us a better understanding of creating products and companies by applying improved processes and mitigating common mistakes learned from past projects. Our past experience and continuous learning has influenced our framework and how we approach a project in order to launch successful new businesses and products. During these 20 years, we have worked with multiple industries such as advertising, finance, legal, travel and retail. As a result,we’ve built more than 300 products and co-created 54 tech-based startups.