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Weave is an intelligent employee scheduling software to improve staffing utilization and reduce labor costs, leading to increased productivity and better business results. The software uses AI to anticipate variable demand and schedule labour accordingly.


Their previous business model was based on a high-touch technical setup and weekly labour from data scientists and business analysts to provide workload reports indicative of distribution of work. Because of this manual service, if any changes affected the predictions/parameters, reporting was tedious.

Other software used to schedule labour are limited to allocating staff in a fixed plan or within a regular calendar, but that’s not reality for service-oriented businesses. Services face fluctuating demand, making labour management a difficult daily task.

So, where does Ultrahaus come in?

the goals

A web-based software application that automated most of the manual processes to get the forecasting and reports done.


  • Working with the existing analysis provided to customers, we ran discovery sprints, interviews, and simulations to identify areas of improvement.
  • Identified processes where software could improve workflow for efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.
  • Consolidated customizations from previous SaaS platform to be within one version of the platform.
  • Created a web-based application with plans for future platforms.

the solution

Demand Forecasting

We built optimization software to provide more accurate forecasting with less manual work.

Inteligent Recommendations

By optimizing demand forecasting software, managers could use both to make informed choices.

Visual Reports

We provided visual reports in addition to the more accurate analysis for users.

customer success

Belle Tire, one of the first customers to use the software experienced this success.

0 %

Reduction in Hourly Labour Costs for Store

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Increase in Same Store Sales

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Increase in Same Store EBITA


Maintained Net Promoter Score

Ultrahaus has been an integral part of our product creation for the full lifecycle of our development efforts. They were able to help us from the beginning with user experience and system architecture design. Then they were able to quickly deliver working software consistent with the vision, and continually refine and improve the product. They provide the capability and quality we wanted at a highly competitive price.

John Larsen - CEO at Weave Workforce

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