From Concept to Capital:

Empowering Founders to Create Innovative Products

Starting a company is a high-risk endeavour; it requires strategic planning, execution power, and operational excellence. We help entrepreneurs and investors thrive during the early stages by partnering with experts in industry-specific verticals to create technology-based businesses that serve the B2B market.

We partner with founders and investors to mitigate the risks of launching their start-ups

Since 2003, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs strategize, build, and launch their ideas with our scrappy and design-oriented approach. We’ve helped new ventures through the early stages while working towards business outcomes. From experience, we know how to mitigate the risks new ventures face during these early stages.

We believe in collaborating with our community to create a new way of innovating

Whether you’re a founder or an investor, we believe in creating innovative SaaS solutions that help serve their respective communities. Ultrahaus accelerates startups within the studio by filling gaps necessary for fast-paced development. Mainly focusing on the product-building process but also on the go-to-market strategy,  identifying and validating product-market fit, digital business modeling, and investments.

Companies we co-created with

We have extensive experience and knowledge

Our team knows and understands the risks associated with bringing a digital product to market. We build products with an experienced and business-minded team to help mitigate risks associated with launching ideas.


290+ Projects co-created with our customers and partners.

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Business we co-created from mvp to post-launch.
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Since 2003, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs build their ideas


Working remotely allowed us to partner with customers around the globe.